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If you have questions about the mortgage process, want more details on some of the loans we offer, or if you’re applying for the first time and you’re not sure where to start, we’ve created a series of handy guides for you to use. These guides contain valuable information about specific types of mortgages and tips for making the process as smooth as possible. Should you have any further questions or you’re ready to get started, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

Guide to Determining The Size Of Your Mortgage

One crucial step in getting started with Inlanta on a Florida mortgage is to determine how much of a mortgage payment you can comfortably afford, given your other financial commitments and lifestyle.
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Guide to Choosing the Best Mortgage For You

We know that buying a home a big deal, and that it can be hard to determine which option is right for you. We’re here to help Florida homeowners choose the best mortgage for their financial goals and lifestyle.
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Guide to Understanding the Mortgage Process

We have taken special care to organize the most important qualifying steps, lending frequently asked questions, and give important notes about the home buying and mortgage processes.
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Guide for First-Time Home Buyers

Inlanta’s Florida Home Loan Solutions will equip you to make the most successful offer possible by ensuring that you have a property-specific Pre-Approval letter prepared for when you submit an offer.
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Guild Mortgage Inlanta’s FHA Survival Guide

Guild Mortgage Inlanta can help Florida residents in a tough spot make a good move. Applying for a loan through the Federal Housing Administration can be a good option, but there are some pitfalls to avoid.
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USDA Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking about buying a home in Florida that might qualify as rural? You’d be surprised how many suburban communities are still eligible for UDSA Loan Program benefits.
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Buyer’s Guide for Veterans

Veteran’s Administration or “VA” loans are available for active, non-active and retired Army, Air Force, Marine, Navy, National Guard and Coast Guard vets who meet the established service requirements.
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Guide to Getting Pre-Approval

Mortgage guidelines have tightened. A pre-approval will get you through the process and uncover potential pitfalls long before you become obligated by a contract to purchase.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about the mortgage and home buying process, refinancing, or anything in-between? Chances are, your questions has been asked and answered in our FAQ.
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