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So you’ve surfed the internet far and wide, scouring current mortgage rates and how-to articles about how to be a savvy mortgage shopper to get the best mortgage deal in Florida. Maybe you’ve been referred to us by a friend, or have heard good things about the Guild Mortgage Inlanta Mission, which is to be the home financing partner that you trust to serve your family, friends, and community. Our unwavering dedication to integrity, honesty and ethics is the foundation of our relationships. So why choose Guild Mortgage Inlanta to be your partner on one of the most important financial journeys you’ll take in your lifetime?

The Inlanta Difference Is In the Details

What the high-pressure rate-hawkers don’t tell you is that it takes more than great rates to make a great mortgage, to set you up for future financial success and security. The right mortgage program can mean the difference between actually closing on your dream home or watching it drift away due to a bureaucratic quagmire and shoddy planning. It can mean the difference between sending your kids to college one day or saddling them with debt because you were talked into a low-rate ARM that ballooned. You need a partner who can guide you through the dizzying array of mortgage products to help you find the right, affordable fit that won’t leave you house-poor but won’t have you leave money on the table either.

Our Closings Start with Relationships

At Inlanta’s Florida Home Loan Solutions, the Jonathan Arnold Team believes every happy closing starts with a great relationship, which in turn starts with great conversations and a lot of legwork. That means learning up front what’s most important to you, what programs suit your life circumstance, and what your goals are. That also means proactive problem prevention through meticulous prep work on our end.

No Surprises

We do our due diligence on the front end to make sure we can get you closed on time and on budget with no surprises, so that your dream home or renovation project is the joyous time you’ve worked so hard to earn.

We’ll give you great advice each step of the way, and we’ll stand by you to get the job done.

Proven Track Record as a National Mortgage Leader

We’re blessed to be a part of the national Guild Mortgage Inlanta Company, named a Scotsman Guide Top Mortage Lender and recognized as one of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America, as well as one of the 50 Best Companies to Work For by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

We’re honored to be named the nation’s #1 USDA Rural Development loan originator in the country according to Scotsman Guide and to have been recognized as a Platinum Million Dollar USDA Lender by USDA Rural Housing.

Guild Mortgage Inlanta offers Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac agency products, as well as a full suite of jumbo and portfolio programs. The company is an agency-approved lender for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FHA/VA, FHA 203K, and USDA. That means we know our way around every product to help find your most advantageous and personalized mortgage option.

So let’s get started.

To do list:

  • Talk to Us – Want to explore what kinds of rates and programs you’ll quality for? Want to get a feel for how we work? Let’s connect.
  • Short Form – Fill out this quick starter application if you’d like us to get started in running you some scenarios. This is critical if you’re already shopping for a new home. Pre-Approval letters are a must-have in today’s housing market.
  • Mortgage Calculator – Feel free to use our calculator to try out difference mortgage rate and repayment scenarios.
  • Study Up – Learn about different types of loan products we offer. We’ve summarized details on each major loan program currently offered in order to help familiarize you with the wonderful world of mortgages. However, if you find this terrifically boring, just Talk To Us and we’ll explain! After all, personalized guidance is what sets us apart.
  • Full Online Application – If you’re ready to roll, and ESPECIALLY if you’re under contract on a home right now, use our online application for fast response and processing.

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