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Deep listening and personalized strategic planning helps people find the right fit for their lifestyle – and it’s what you do when you treat clients like family.

Giving Thanks at Guild Mortgage Inlanta

Guild Mortgage Inlanta has helped more than 3,000 families celebrate Thanksgiving in their new homes. Creating happy families in any market condition and helping build economic security throughout their lifetime is what inspires the team.

“We enjoy celebrating our client’s milestones, their marriages, children, vacation dreams, and retirement. We build relationships for life, and we’re deeply grateful for the clients who’ve allowed us the privilege of working with them,” said Jonathan Arnold, Branch Manager of Guild Mortgage Inlanta.

Deep listening and personalized strategic planning helps people find the right fit for their lifestyle – and it’s what you do when you treat clients like family.

A glance at Inlanta’s reviews suggest the approach works well, with comments like: “Professional, patient, kind, felt like family…” or “Responsive, great communication…” or “Made the process painless…” or “Stayed in contact and helped more than I ever could have asked for…” This kind of feedback is what inspires the team.

“Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments a family will make. We love being a part of that, and always seek ways to empower our clients to make good decisions, which leads to smooth closings and a stress-free experience.”

Inlanta’s emphasis on relationship building, client education, and strategic planning has helped the branch grow since its inception in 2014 into Inlanta’s top-producing branch nationwide.

Located in the beautifully renovated Grange Hall in Ada, you’ll find the Inlanta team happily collaborating with clients in open concept spaces and well-appointed conference areas designed to help “think outside the bank.” Jon and his wife Michelle purchased Grange Hall in 2018 with the vision of creating an inviting, non-traditional ‘work home’ complete with a large seminar space.

The homey vibe is enhanced by the company’s pet-policy, which allows – and encourages – team members to bring their pets to work.

From Jon’s three rescue Labs and kitty to Katrina’s adorable Border Collie, the pets of Inlanta have jobs too; both at home and in the office. Job # 1 is to keep it real, keep it fun, and help the humans destress.

“I think having pets in the workplace also helps our clients feel at home when they come to see us,” said Katrina Cole, Business Development manager. “It’s just one more way we help take the stress out of the experience of financing a home.”

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